Wednesday, August 22, 2012

UPDATE: Hot off the goddamned presses! Wherein, new reports submitted by staff to The Arizona State Hospital supervisor Cory ""
 Nelson's  personal website reveal an out of control and increasingly dangerous environment for staff and patients alike at The Arizona State Hospital.

      This is ridiculous. For months now, I have been trying to get the director of the Arizona Department of Health Services, Will Humble, to open a good faith line of communication with citizens of Arizona such as myself, who have serious concerns about the state of affairs at The Arizona State Hospital, via his supposedly friendly blog site (which can be found on the ADHS web site, see: azadhs). I have been paying attention to staff reports flowing directly from current or recently resigned ASH staff members, for example, who post their own good faith expressions of concern about  their safety and other like things on ASH supervisor Cory "" Nelson's personal website, and taking the information form those postings and sharing it with Humble through his blog, which he characterizes as a good faith, open door sort of line of connection to him and his office. But he and the web masters at ADHS will not even post my comments, much less respond to me.

That said, check this shit out (below). The following two staff comments, titled as "2 FRIGTNED 2 SAY", and "ME",  respectively, were posted on Nelson's website in the past 72 hours or so.  

08/18/2012 6:05am
08/21/2012 9:02am
Of course ASH administration will do everything to cover their asses. Very disappointed in the extreme lack of investigative reporting done on behalf of ASH employees and patients alike. If chanel 3 did even half of their job in reporting they wouldn't have reported the extreme amount of mistruths given by Cory Nelson. Obviously the news doesn't know about this website someone should point the reporter in the right direction and show the error of the story reported on the news.

The passage shown below was posted to Nelson's 

site by me earlier today, in direct response to these 

newest reports form within the walls and fences at 

The Arizona State Hospital.  


PJ Reed
08/22/2012 5:49pm
Staff: As alarming as these newest reports are to me, I am far from surprised. I highly encourage you guys to take a look at ADHS Director Will Humble's blog on the ADHS web site. He too states that violence in general has markedly decreased ever since the new policies established ever since Cory Nelson became CEO, and in doing so he blatantly plugs how great things at ASH are at this time. I know that this is not the truth. I am a former patient, some of you know me, and although I am dedicated to looking at the shortcomings at ASH which directly effect the patient population there, I am also very committed to improving the situation there on behalf of the staff community at ASH, because I know that many of you are very good people who are underpaid and yet still do all you can to take care of the patients. If you guys aren't content and comfortable in your job space, then it is is only that much harder for you to do a good job in terms of patient needs. I also realize that it is taboo for staff and patients such as myself to join forces, but please hear me when I say that we are effectively in this together, as citizens of the state, and as human beings. If at all possible, please visit my blog (PJ Reed "The Arizona State Hospital and Patient Abuse") via a simple google search, and please feel free to anonymously post comments of any kind to my blog. It is going to take a lot of dedicated team work to address the situation there at ASH, both in terms of your own needs and concerns, as well as mine. But I attest to the fact that I am not out to make life harder than it is for the staff in general at ASH. I promise you that I will do whatever I can to support the quality of staff experiences at ASH. But I need your input. Thank you.
      I am outraged! I deeply questioned ADHS Director Will Humble's very recent statements when I first spotted them on his blog site the other day about how much conditions specific to the staff experience at The Arizona State Hospital have improved over the last year. And then today, I take my bi-weekly stroll over to Arizona State Hospital supervisor Cory "crazycorycorner" Nelson's website and immediately come upon these most recent postings concerning the blatant untruths that Humble and company are using to cloak the out of control conditions at ASH from public knowledge. And as always, I freely offer my guarantee that if things are going badly for staff at ASH, then the lives of the patients at ASH are only that much more in a state of crisis due to clinical and administrative abuse of authority and other like issues that occur at ASH as a matter of standard practice. This is an absolute travesty. The inhumanity of this entire matter as it stands today, knowing as I do and as I am trying to make crystal clear to you, my readers, that the administrators at ASH and in ADHS are maintaining substandard mental-medical heath care and practices at ASH as a matter of standard practice, literally sickens me. I am nearly beside myself with concern, and only that much more frustrated by how little reaction I have observed in direct relation to the issues I know that I have exposed, to date, in reporting patient abuse at ASH, and beyond in ADHS. This has to stop. TODAY.

IN CLOSING: Today is the first time that I have openly encouraged ASH staff to contact me through this blog. I have until now tried to respect the fact that staff at ASH don't really need to further complicate their conditions as employees at ASH by getting involved with what I am working to do. But the state of affairs at ASH are obviously spinning out of control at an ever increasing pace, as exampled by the gross untruths presented by ASH administration in these recent news stories on the Phoenix television stations. 
      It is apparent to me that Will Humble and the one's assigned to overseeing the operation at ASH are currently maintaining an absolute cloak of deceit and injustice. They are responsible for what may very well turn out to be the newest major scandal to break out in Arizona, because if ASH staff are willing to join forces with me, even in an informal manner, this shit is going to explode like the super nova of governmental corruption that it is.

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