Thursday, July 12, 2012


The Bad news Is: I will not be publishing anything for a short time.....

The good news is: This is because an attorney has advised me that all of my data and statements specific to The Arizona State Hospital and the Arizona Department of Health Services is to potentially be included in a pending proceeding. I cannot disclose much more about this at this time.  

       For the moment, at least, I am to hold off on releasing any more information specific to my claims and related data about my experiences at The Arizona State Hospital until it is screened, in a sense, in order to avoid compromising the significance of any like data that may be necessary in the future specific to this new development. I am not required to retain any information, I have only been asked to do so; this attorney does not work for me personally, but has directly asked me to consider contributing to a pending action, a request that I consented to only after I reviewed specific details on the matter, and upon doing so, I am satisfied by the purpose and related expectations in this specific context.  
       I have anticipated this sort of development for some time. The cavalry is, coming, indeed, and developments of this nature only belie the fact that this entire effort is definitely an ongoing work in progress. But no matter what the specific implications and results of this newest development amount to, rest assured that I am not going to back off on my dedication to addressing patient abuse at ASH until I know for a fact that the issue(s) is resolved as a whole. It will take continued time and effort to get all of the concerns that I am committed to addressing thoroughly abolished within the facility itself, but I will keep at it until that objective is met. The parties who I have at the time agreed to assist understand this, and have promised me full consideration as my work evolves. Bottom line, end of story.  

Those who have it coming will be held accountable to the fullest extent possible as per the letter of the law, and any consequences that result due to this newest development will only help me bring this about. It is all part of a record.  

IN CLOSING: It is never too late for others to become involved in this process. The Arizona State Hospital is still a snake pit of patient abuse. Much of this abuse is not directly related to my own personal experiences at ASH, for it is imparted on all of the patients there by staff at all levels. It is ongoing, and it needs to stop. 

       So please do not hesitate to take action in your own right and do whatever you can to fight the substandard mental and medical health care practices at The Arizona State Hospital today. Patient abuse is criminal in nature, inhumane in principle, and cruel in practice. Please see my April 30, 2012 "Resource Ideas" article and consider what you can do in order to support this cause. I and the patients at ASH need all of the help we can get.

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